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UtterAI Sports is changing the way fans view and experience sports online. Combining rich sports data with AI, we are enabling sports websites and applications, fantasy platforms and sports content publishers to take their user engagements to a whole new level.

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Transform Sports Analytics

UtterAI Sports Apps help you perform complex data analysis without relying on statisticians, data scientists, database experts or content developers

Automation and AI

UtterAI Apps and Widgets automatically update content, from pitch reports to match insights, from predictions to projections and from scores to commentary

Blazing Fast Sports Content

UtterAI Live Share uses algorithms that track sports events on thousands of datapoints to bring to you records broken and events as they happen in real-time


UtterAI Products

UtterAI is transforming how fans interact with their favourite sports! UtterAI Ask is an AI search engine for stats and insights about cricket!

Check out our UtterAI Ask at UtterAI Sports

UtterAI IPL Stats

UtterAI sports allows cricket fans to discover interesting stats and insights using simple conversations. UtterAI has clocked more than 200,000 queries and 1 million stats impressions on social media platforms.

It's time to do away with boring scorecards. UtterAI Augmnented Scorecard is a first of its kind, which captures all the excitement and fun, minus the visuals inside a scorecard.

UtterAI Augmented Graphics

Capture the emotions and excitement around those sixes hit, the wickets taken - through powerful visuals all inside UtterAI Scorecard App

UtterAI Augmented Commentary

An AI enabled commentary which allows fans to delve deeper into statistical insights. Get fastest updates of all cricketing insights, broken records in real-time for the first time inside the beautifully designed widget.

Plug Play Widget

UtterAI Augmented Scorecard is available as a plug play widget in amazing colors to integrate with your sports platform

UtterAI Powerstats is a unique way to give cricket fans a quick snapshot of the upcoming match.

UtterAI Powerstats Pitch Report

UtterAI Powerstats gets you the real-time weather information along with detailed pitch report with toss insights and much more!

UtterAI Powerstats Match Insights

UtterAI Powerstats, crunches all the match information data into an easy to understand card format, Just a glance and you know what to expect!

UtterAI Powerstats Fantasy Insights

UtterAI Powerstats, algorithms evaluate the upcoming match on thousands of data points, to generate recommended playingXI

Publish insights at blazing fast speeds just as they happen in real-time

UtterAI Live Share

Every second matters in sports and as sports publishers who want to stay ahead of the game - the turn around time of publishing a record has to be really instataneous. UtterAI Live Share tracks sports events on thousands of data points in real-time, so we bring sports insights and stories just as they happen in real-time.

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Technology provides the backbone of all products developed at UtterAI. Right from harvesting the richest sports data to packaging them into awesome sports stories, we use some of the latest cutting edge technology developed inhouse.

Plug Play Widgets

UtterAI offers plug-play sports widgets which can be integrated directly into websites and mobile apps in less than 2 minutes. Forget all the hassles of app development and maintenance, by integrating our widgets available at really affordable prices.


Get access to a whole range of APIs which bring to you feature rich sports content, so you can start developing on your own. These feature rich APIs are scalable and available as pay-as-you-go.


Reach out to us in case of any support queries, we are available 24/7


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